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Hidden Glory

The story of the Crosslé Car Company

It is hard to comprehend that Crosslé have been building cars since 1957; Alan Tyndall’s much anticipated book details the remarkable story of the world’s longest surviving producer of customer racing cars. Crosslés have always reflected the ethos of John Crosslé and the team of people that grew up at Rory’s Wood, from the earliest 1172 side valve Ford engine cars through to the 70 series Formula Fords, they have been well engineered and driver friendly. Perhaps most importantly the integrity of the company is best demonstrated by the continued loyalty of Crosslé owners.

Tyndall details not just the cars and the drivers, but the people behind them, from John and Rosemary Crosslé, Leslie Drysdale who moved on to form Mondiale Cars, to the fabricators and former employees. Crosslé exported large numbers of cars to the USA, and Europe and managed to do this at the height of ‘The Troubles’ which beset Northern Ireland.

Of special interest to ‘screamer’ fans are the 6F and the 17F, the latter never quite fulfilling its promise after intended driver Gerry Birrell ‘jumped ship’ to Brabham.

This is a well-produced and lavishly illustrated book (224 pages) which pays tribute to a remarkable man and his company; when John stepped down, Arnie Black took over the helm, and now Paul McMorran is the owner, but the same guiding principles apply.

Hidden Glory is available at £60 per copy plus P & P from

The Crosslé Car Company Limited, Rory’s Wood, Holywood,

Co. Down, BT18 9QS

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