Results > 12th-14th October 2018 - Dijon

Rivet takes both wins

The final round of the 2018 season took place at Dijon-Prenois with a stand-alone double header in perfect conditions as part of the Motors Cup which turned out to be a great meeting with Historic F1, Historic F2, Historic F3, Formula Junior and Masters Sports Cars all present. It was no surprise as Geoffroy Rivet secured pole ahead of the closely matched group of Widmer, Spaggiari, Derossi and Gallo. Equally matched was the following group of Muller, Slotine, O'nion, Delea and the Timms father-son Brabham BT21 double-pack. Unfortunately an unlucky Lief Bosson had to call it a weekend after qualifying due to engine failure. Anticipation increased prior to race 1 and it was Muller who was most determined to get things going, even before the lights went off, taking the lead initially from P9 but later obliged to take a detour via the pitlane. The safety car briefly came out as O'nion was forced to park his Tecno on the uphill after the Parabolique due to a broken drive-shaft spline. Widmer took the lead on the restart ahead of Rivet and Spaggiari but order was quickly reestablished by Rivet and the trio managed to escape from the chasing pack, all involved in close racing throughout the field. On Sunday Rivet managed to escape right at the start of race 2, however there was plenty of slip-stream action in the two groups following as positions changed lap by lap. In the end Rivet won the last race of the season ahead of Derossi, Widmer and Spaggiari followed by Muller, Slotine, O'nion, the Timms duo and Delea, all crossing the finish line just seconds apart. Overall a great race and weekend on one of the best tracks for our cars. A delighted Widmer won the 2018 trophy with 9 podium finishes in 10 championship races ahead of Derossi and Slotine, all three scoring points in each and every race of the season.

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