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A Brabham display at Race Retro


Race Retro 2011

Race Retro 2011 marked the Association’s fourth appearance at the UK’s premier historic motor sport show. Working on the principal that we should have more on the stand than the previous year, we were delighted to be offered three beautifully turned out Brabhams showing the marque’s development over the one litre period.

Bob Lyell’s 1965 BT15 represented the early side draught cars, Nigel Miller’s well campaigned BT21 from 1967 was typical of the cars which made up the European ‘circus’; while Leif Bosson’s BT28 was Brabham’s final foray with the screamers. We would like to thank all three owners for the kind loan of their cars, all of which were much admired over the course of the weekend.

We had a busy weekend, meeting old friends such as Chris Sharples of HSCC, Mike Walker, David Pullen and Andrew Tart, and putting faces to names that we only knew from e-mails. John Arnold and Jay Galpin over from the States were but two newly identified faces, Jay hopes to have a season over in Europe in 2012; we’re still working on John. Andy Bradshaw’s Lotus 59 restoration continues, although recent floods haven’t helped the cause. 

Old friend Bev Bond spent Saturday with us on the stand and once again joined us at the annual Association Dinner in the evening, where Barrie Williams entertained. We were also privileged to be joined by the entire committee of the Historic Racing Club of Sweden under the genial guidance of Ferdinand Gustafson, it seems that Bev and Barrie have been invited to Karlskoga in June, to drive two of the chairman’s cars. Duncan and Sarah Rabagliati together with Bob Birrell of Formula Junior Historic Racing Association were also welcome diners.

Once again we would like to thank all those who loaned their cars, as well as to the twelve new members and to the people who helped us consume three whole tins of Quality Street.

  Mike Faloon

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